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“Today they blow up school buildings. Tomorrow will they attack students?”

Armed groups attacked hundreds of schools in the Kasai region of central Democratic Republic of Congo during the 2016-17 conflict, said GCPEA in a report released today

April 2019

Insecurity Insight's monthly digest comprises threats and incidents of violence as well as protests and other events affecting education.

The United Nations Security Council should support specific actions to protect students and teachers from the widespread use of sexual violence

Moldova’s endorsement comes as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain prepares to host the Third International Conference on Safe Schools.

Most of the victims were students killed in the bombing of houses and a school.

Worsening and spreading insecurity in the country is taking a deep toll on children.

Hundreds of schools have been destroyed in the four years of fighting.

Worsening violence across Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger disrupts education for more than 400,000 children.

Fiji’s endorsement comes ahead of the Third International Conference on Safe Schools, hosted by Spain.