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Malta’s endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration is particularly timely as it currently holds the presidency of the European Union.

The report is released five days before the Second International Safe Schools Conference, hosted by the Argentine government in Buenos Aires.

Armenia’s endorsement means that the majority of Council of Europe member states have now endorsed the Safe Schools Declaration.

Safe Schools Conference Should Highlight Attacks on Academics, Students, and Universities

On Tuesday, three children who attended a Save the Children partner-supported school were also killed when bombs destroyed their homes in Idlib.

In most countries enduring armed conflict, schools have been turned into part of the battlefield, as classrooms have been converted into military bases, bunkers, and weapons caches.

At least 255 children were killed in or near schools last year and 1.7 million youngsters are out of school. One of every three schools in Syria is unusable, some because armed groups occupy them.

“As mothers and schoolteachers, we call upon the conflict parties to stop using children in their wars.”

GCPEA believes that Latin America should be the first region in the world in which all countries have endorsed the Declaration. Colombia’s commitment would be a significant motivation for other states in the region to follow.

In many places at war, children can’t study in safety because their schools are being used by armed groups or have been attacked.