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BISSAU, Guinea-Bissau — Assailants killed at least 25 people at a college in northeastern Nigeria early Tuesday, the Nigerian police said.

BAKU, Azerbaijan (AP) — Three people have been convicted of plotting to kill teachers at a Jewish school in Azerbaijan.

BEIRUT - Explosions went off at a Damascus school Tuesday morning, and opposition members said dozens of Syrian army officers and government militiamen were killed in a bomb attack on the facility used by government forces.

The worsening civil strife in Syria is taking a heavy toll on academics, prompting a scramble by international organizations to help.

Education Above All (EAA) is pleased to announce the release of the following publication: Protecting Education in Insecurity and Armed Conflict: An International Law Handbook.

DAMASCUS, Syria — At one Syrian school, in the Damascus suburbs, students were so scarce this week that teachers spent most of the last few days sitting around and drinking tea.

Armed Occupations in Capital During and After Uprising Harm Education

(Beirut) – Government forces and other armed groups deployed in schools in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, during the 2011-2012 uprising, putting students at risk and undermining education. The uprising ended the 33-year rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

WADI KHALED, Lebanon — Since the start of the uprising in March last year, tens of thousands of Syria children have arrived as refugees in northern and western Lebanon, near the Syrian border.

Two people were killed and five were injured in an attack on a group of Shia students and teachers in Sampang, East Java, on Sunday.

CHIANG MAI, 20 August 2012 (IRIN) - Two ethnic groups in Myanmar recently became the first rebel fighters to sign a “deed commitment” with Swiss-based rights group Geneva Call, pledging to eliminate underage soldiers and protect children in armed conflict.