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Education in any part of the globe is the key corner of its nation progress. In third world countries like Yemen where education is not a main priority, it has left over 40% of the Yemen population illiterate...

BOGOTA – Ten soldiers and one guerrilla were killed in a rebel ambush in the jungles of the southwestern Colombian province of Nariño, authorities said.

TRIPOLI, Libya — The classrooms at the Dawn of Freedom middle school were empty. Teachers shuffled around aimlessly outside or gossiped in the halls.

Suspected Muslim insurgents shot dead four soldiers and wounded two people, including a child, in an ambush at a school in Thailand's restive south on Wednesday...

Mexican police have found five decomposing heads left in a sack outside a primary school in Acapulco. Handwritten messages were also found, reportedly threatening the state governor as well as local drug lords.

Left-wing Farc rebels in Colombia have attacked a police station in Las Mercedes, in the north of the country. Six police officers and two soldiers were injured in the dawn shoot-out.

2 August 2011 – The United Nations envoy advocating for the rights of children during armed conflicts today welcomed the Security Council’s decision to agree to apply sanctions against any individuals or entities that violate children’s rights.

Governments Should Outlaw Attacks on, and Military Use of, Education Sites

(New York) - Governments should improve protections for students and teachers during wartime by explicitly outlawing attacks on schools and curtailing their use by the military, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

(New York) - Armed forces and non-state armed groups should immediately stop targeting schools, teachers and students for attack and comply with new United Nations Security Council measures to protect education in armed conflict, the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) said today.

New York, 12 July 2011 – During the annual Security Council Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict, the Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution expanding the criteria for listing parties to conflict in the Secretary-General’s annual report. The criteria now include parties who attack schools and hospitals.