About Us

The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA), was formed in 2010 by organizations working in the fields of education in emergencies and conflict-affected contexts, higher education, protection, and international human rights and humanitarian law that were concerned about ongoing attacks on educational institutions, their students, and staff in countries affected by conflict and insecurity.

Our Vision

All students and educators, and schools and universities, are protected from attacks during armed conflict, including through prevention and response measures.

Our Mission

To protect education from attack through advocacy that leverages the strengths of our diverse membership.

Our Goals

To highlight the incidence and impact of attacks on education in conflict and insecurity among key actors and cultivate public support for safe education.
To promote better systems for monitoring and reporting attacks on education.
To promote effective programmes and policy to protect education from attack, including prevention and response.
To encourage adherence to existing international law protecting education and the strengthening of international norms and standards as needed; and
To fight impunity for attacks on education by promoting and supporting a range of accountability measures.