Kenya: Lamu Attackers Steal Six Guns, Burn School and Raid Drug Store in Fresh Wave of Terror

All Africa, July 10, 2014

Attackers on Thursday night stormed Panda Nguo village five kilometres from Witu town in Lamu West and snatched six guns from police reservists.

Hassan Musa, Kenya Red Cross county manager for Kilifi says the attackers unleashed terror on residents from 9pm on Thursday to around 1am.

“The attackers came to the mosque while people were praying, locked them in and took six guns from the reservist who were inside the mosque,” said Hassan

They later burnt an office,a teacher’s house and a library at Panda Nguo primary school.

The attackers who were not in a hurry later broke into a hospital and took drugs.

County Commissioner Miiri Njenga confirmed the attack.

“My officers are already there. If there is such information, I will know but as per now, all I know is that, the attackers locked a mosque that had men inside and went on to terrorize women in houses. They took phones from them, burnt several houses, two classrooms, an administration block and food store at Pandanguo Primary school and disappeared. I do not know of any casualty,” added Njenga.

Njenga confirmed that he had already sent GSU, AP, Kenya Police and even KDF to the area and that everything was in control.

He denied that some rifles were taken away from KPR officers saying he is yet to make confirmations on the same.

Kenya Red Cross has dispatched a team to the scene to look at those who are stranded and those leaving the area to Witu town and offer them help,Hassan said.

Panda Nguo is less that 5kms from Witu where five people were killed last week by unknown assailants.

Early this week leaflets were dropped in the Lamu warning people to leave the area.

Many families have left Hindi town following frequent attacks the latest on Saturday night that left 12 people dead.

At least 80 people have been killed in Lamu and Tana River counties by unknown attackers in the last two month.