Kenya university killings fuel growing global trend of attack on education

Save the Children , April 2, 2015

‘Today’s attacks are both unjustified and horrifying in equal measure. The simple act of going to school or university is becoming increasingly perilous for young people across the world, with attacks on schools constantly on the rise,’ says Duncan Harvey, country director at Save the Children Kenya.

Thursday, 2 April 2015 – 3:00pm

‘Every child has a right to education and the sanctity of such institutions must be upheld. Schools and universities should be zones of peace where children can learn in safety.’

Save the Children is actively engaged in promoting the Guidelines, developed to protect students and teachers around the world from the use of schools and universities  for military purposes, and to incorporate explicit protection for schools into their military doctrines and strategies.

Notes to editors:

. The Guidelines, whose development involved consultation with military and humanitarian law experts from across the globe, are based on existing obligations under the laws of war and examples of good practice.

. They are designed to reduce the possibility of schools becoming legitimate targets for attack by encouraging a change in mentality towards the military use of schools and universities.