Militants destroy girls school in DI Khan

The Express Tribune with the International Herald Tribune, February 3, 2012

PESHAWAR: A powerful bomb blast left a girls school in ruins on Dera-Sherani road in the Dera Ismail Khan area, officials said late Thursday night.

The incident took place around 2am in the Kalaa-e-Saeedan area, where a girls primary school was blown up.

“Four rooms and the veranda were totally destroyed,” said a police official, explaining that around 8-10 kgs of explosives were used in the bomb which seemed to be manufactured locally.

The area where the school was blown up is populated by the Shia community. In an earlier incident, the police diffused two bombs weighing almost 43kg in another school opposite this girls school.

The Dera Ismail Khan area has a history of sectarian violence and has also been in the limelight for terrorist attacks since the start of this year.

Last week, officials said that a militant attack on a police official, after which the terrorists took refuge in a private college, was also sectarian.