Rocket hits school in eastern Afghanistan, killing three

Reuters, June 1, 2015

A teacher and two students were killed when a rocket struck a school compound in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, government officials said, as intensifying combat across the country takes a high toll on civilian life.

In the worst affected provinces, families are too afraid to send their children to school and some have closed until further notice.

Four other people were injured in Sunday’s attack in Logar and it was so far unclear who was responsible, district chief Baraki Barak said.

The education ministry condemned the attack in a statement.

Schools have closed in provinces worst hit by the fighting, which has escalated since the withdrawal of most foreign troops in 2014.

In northern Baghlan, for example, at least 18 schools have closed this month over fears students may be caught in the crossfire, the provincial acting education director said.

“Five of these schools are still closed and I ask the government and Taliban to let Afghan children to go to school,” Abdul Rashed said.

(Reporting by Mirwais Harooni; Editing by Ruth Pitchford)