Save the Children condemns school attack in Ukraine

Save the Children, May 11, 2022

DNIPRO, 9 MAY 2022 – Save the Children strongly condemns the reported bombing of a school in Luhansk, Ukraine, believed to be sheltering 90 civilians, including children in its bunker. While 30 people have been rescued, grave fears remain for the 60 people reported to remain trapped under the rubble.

Pete Walsh, Save the Children Country Director, said:

*”This news is absolutely horrifying. Protecting schools and other civilian infrastructure must be a priority — they should be respected as inviolable safe spaces for children and educational staff.*

*”It is not yet clear how many children may have been killed or injured in this latest bombing. **However, all children must be protected from the horrors of this war. **More than 200 innocent children have already lost their lives since this conflict escalated two months ago, showing once again that children are paying the heaviest price of this war.*

“As fighting continues to intensify, the most vulnerable families and their children are being forced to shelter in bunkers and basements. It is difficult to imagine the fear experienced by a child trapped in a bunker, while shelling and gunfire rages above them.

“Save the Children once again calls for hostilities to cease and for civilians to be protected, in accordance with international humanitarian law. Education is a fundamental human right that is crucial to allow children to fulfil their full potential. We must stop this war on children, their schools and their future.”

According to government authorities, 126 education institutions have been destroyed and 1,509 damaged in Ukraine since on 24 February.

With the help of local partners, Save the Children is providing shelter, food, cash, fuel, psychosocial support, baby, and hygiene kits to displaced families. Save the Children is on the ground directly distributing essential household kits to families affected by the conflict and has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, delivering essential humanitarian aid to children and their families.