The War Follows Them

Syrian University Students & Scholars in Lebanon (2014)
Institute of International Education, June 19, 2014

 In this report, the Institute of International Education (IIE) and its Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis looks at the conditions and educational needs of Syrians university students and scholars in Lebanon. “The War Follows Them: Syrian University Students and Scholars in Lebanon,” is based on first-hand research and interviews conducted in Lebanon in March 2014 through a joint effort by IIE and the University of California, Davis. The report identifies:

 – Barriers Syrians face in accessing higher education in Lebanon 

 – Existing programs and support models that are working 

 – Recommendations for increasing Syrians’ access to higher education

With support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, IIE and the University of California, Davis have teamed up to conduct fieldwork in the front-line hosting states of Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey to look at the impact, implications, and possible solutions for the Syrians and their host communities.

This Lebanon report is the second phase of the regional study, following an earlier report on the situation in Jordan. Our goal is to provide policy and program recommendations for increasing Syrians’ access to higher education in these frontline host countries, as well as internationally. We hope that universities, governments, multilateral agencies, and organizations will use this research to develop effective local, regional, and global responses to the crisis.