Michela Ranieri

Implementation Network Consultant
Michela Ranieri_headshot

Michela Ranieri is the Implementation Network Consultant at GCPEA. She has extensive experience promoting and protecting children’s rights with a focus on children affected by armed conflict. Prior to joining GCPEA, Michela worked as the Humanitarian Advocacy Advisor at Save the Children, Spain, leading on the organization’s humanitarian advocacy strategy, including the protection of children and safeguarding of education from attack. Before that, she worked at the Spanish section of Amnesty International, coordinating advocacy and campaigns on human rights crises, with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa region. She also served as a junior legal advisor at the Spanish Constitutional Court. Michela completed an internship at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where she supported the Venice Commission’s work on constitutional and electoral reform in Eastern Europe. She holds a Master’s degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Action from the University Carlos III in Madrid, and a Bachelor’s degree in International and Comparative Law from the University of Trieste. Michela speaks English, Spanish and Italian.