The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack is a unique inter-agency coalition formed in 2010 to address the problem of targeted attacks on education during armed conflict.

    Armenia and Malta are the 60th and 61st States to Endorse the Safe Schools Declaration
    Armenia and Malta became the 60th and 61st states to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration just days before the Second International Safe Schools Conference, to be co-hosted by the Argentine ministries of foreign affairs and defense in Buenos Aires on March 28-29.
  • 61 States have now joined the Safe Schools Declaration
    In Oslo on May 29, 2015, states joined the Safe Schools Declaration, committing to take concrete action to protect education from attack, including by endorsing and using the Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use (photo credit: R.Fjeld, UD/Malala Fund).
  • President François Hollande announcing France's endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration.
    France and Canada: 58th and 59th Countries to Endorse Safe Schools Declaration
    On February 21, 2017, France and Canada each announced their endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration during an international conference on the protection of children in armed conflicts in Paris. A total of 59 countries have now endorsed the Declaration.
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    Questions and Answers on the Safe Schools Declaration
    What is the Safe Schools Declaration? What do countries who endorse the Declaration agree to do? GCPEA provides answers to these and other frequently asked questions about the Safe Schools Declaration.
  • GCPEA Publishes Technical Guide on Protecting Higher Education from Attack
    On November 28, 2016, the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) launched its Guide to Implementing the Principles of State Responsibility to Protect Higher Education from Attack. The new publication aims to support states by providing technical direction and recommended measures for protecting higher education.
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    GCPEA Releases New Guidance on How Schools Can Protect Education
    On October 6, 2016, GCPEA released What Schools Can Do to Protect Education from Attack and Military Use. This report aims to facilitate the implementation of protection measures at the school level, and calls on governments, the UN, and other agencies to support these efforts.
  • First Anniversary
    The Safe Schools Declaration One Year On
    At the World Humanitarian Summit, May 23-24, Argentina announced that it would hold a follow up to the Safe Schools Conference in Oslo where the Declaration was opened for endorsement on May 29, 2015. Also at the Summit, Forest Whitaker, artist and UNESCO Special Envoy for Peace and Reconciliation, released a video supporting the Declaration.

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Malta 61st State to Endorse Safe Schools Declaration

Malta’s endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration is particularly timely as it currently holds the presidency of the European Union.

Central African Republic: Armed Groups Using Schools

The report is released five days before the Second International Safe Schools Conference, hosted by the Argentine government in Buenos Aires.

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“Schools must be safe places of learning and development for all children. They should be zones of peace. Those who attack schools and hospitals should know that they will be held accountable.”

- Secretary General's 10th Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict, 2011