The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack is a unique inter-agency coalition formed in 2010 to address the problem of targeted attacks on education during armed conflict.

  • New Publication
    Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use during Armed Conflict
    Unveiled December 16, 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland, the Guidelines call on armed forces and non-state armed groups to refrain from using education facilities for military purposes.
  • Publication
    Questions and Answers on the Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use during Armed Conflict
    What do the Guidelines say? What are they aiming to achieve? GCPEA provides answers to these and other frequently asked questions about the use of schools for military purposes.
  • Media Release
    25 Years after Landmark Treaty, Children’s Rights Still Violated with Impunity in Conflict
    In 1989, world leaders recognized the rights of all children by adopting the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). But today, on the 25th anniversary of the CRC, there is still a broad gap between the vision articulated in the treaty and the reality for young people trying to go to school in conflict-affected countries.
  • Statement
    Nobel Peace Prize Win for Malala Is a Message to All Students Living in Conflict – Yes You Can
    The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) congratulates Pakistani education activist, Malala Yousafzai, and Indian child rights activist, Kailash Satyarthi, for winning the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Press Release
    Global Coalition Joins CHARGE, New Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Protect Girls’ Education in Conflict
    At the 10th annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, GCPEA committed to providing technical support to 10 states in incorporating the Lucens Guidelines.

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An interactive map with information on countries affected by targeted attacks on education.

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Swimming for her life
Hadja's story

It was late December 2014, and 13-year-old Hadja was at school, when Boko Haram insurgents attacked the city of Damassack in northern Nigeria.

Statement by Julia Gillard on the Abduction of Students in South Sudan

It is with utmost dismay that I condemn the abduction of more than 80 students by an armed group in Malakal in South Sudan.

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“Schools must be safe places of learning and development for all children. They should be zones of peace. Those who attack schools and hospitals should know that they will be held accountable.”

- Secretary General's 10th Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict, 2011